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NEC Phone Systems

If the red light at the top of your phone is blinking it can mean three things:

  1. You have a voicemail, in which case you need to press VM at the top of your phone and listen to each message
  2. You have a message waiting request. In this case you should see MW on the display of your phone. To clear the MW, press speaker and dial 771 then hang up.
  3. You have another extension “camped” on your extension, to clear the camp press speaker, dial 770 and hang up.

YES! A common practice for “spammers” is to call into a phone system and after they receive the automated attendant for voicemail they attempt to access unsecured voicemail boxes. These mailboxes can then be manipulated into making outbound calls. Using a password prevents mailbox abuse.

No, we configure voicemail on an extension by extension basis. This prevents callers from leaving voicemails at mailboxes which aren’t checked regularly.


Open the ExacqVision app on your computer:

Exacq NVR’s are licensed per camera connected at the same time. For instance if you had 20 cameras you would need a 20 camera license. Maintaining current licensing for your NVR’s is important because it includes updates to the ExacqVision server software. New features and camera support are added each quarter. Licensing also maintains the hardware warranty on your unit in the event of a physical failure on the unit.

Honeywell Security

TotalConnect2 can be accessed from the following link on your computer:

From your iOS (iPhone, iPad) device:

From your Andorid device:

AT&T phased out the 2G network to make room for more current technologies such as 4G and 3G technology. Some older alarm panels used 2G cellular as either the primary or secondary communications method. We should have contacted you if your primary communications method was going away as part of this phase out. If you haven’t received a call, you most likely have nothing to worry about.

Bosch Security

Yes and no. Depending on the model number and how your alarm panel communicates an app is possible. Please contact us for more details about the configuration process.

Your alarm panel can communicate with any combination of the following:

  • phone line (POTS)
  • cellular network
  • IP (internet)

Call for service is displayed when there is an issue with the security panel itself, not an outlying device. In this case there is nothing the client can do except call us to setup a service call so we can investigate further.

Flo Logic

This means the unit has been disabled either manually or by your security system. You can press the HOME button on the keypad and it should open the valve and restore water flow to the home.

The system has two modes for operation HOME and AWAY. The difference is when in HOME mode the FloLogic unit has a higher tolerance for water flow. The unit monitors water flow and volume using the main water line into your home. When in HOME it allows continuous water flow for a longer period of time, sometimes 30 minutes. When in AWAY mode, the unit will only allow water flow for around 5 minutes before it goes into alarm and turns off the water.

The time allowances are customizable so contact us if you need to adjust the timing.

If the battery in the FloLogic system is below the minimum voltage required for operation the system shuts off. This is often prevented by regular yearly maintenance where NCI technicians check the voltage of all your batteries. However, if this does happen please call and we can install a new battery for the system.


Paxton tutorials to modify settings in software can be found on their website here


Any mobile device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android) enabled with the Allworx Reach application is an independent device.  You can include it in your call routes just like any other phone. The device can be set to ring based on your call routes and presence setting, so it can ring independently, simultaneously with a desk phone, or in any order you choose.

The Allworx Reach application uses Wi-Fi or a cellular carrier data network to connect to the Allworx server. When using the Allworx Reach application to make a call, the Caller ID originates from the Allworx server, so the Allworx server or the carrier connected to the Allworx server generates the caller ID presented to the other party.

Yes. The Allworx Reach application shows real time status of all the messages in your voicemail box. When displaying the Voicemail tab, the screen shows the available messages. Listen to the messages in any order and pause, forward, or delete the messages.