Partnering with Vantage Controls and URC allows NCI to integrate automation systems into residential or commercial systems.

Vantage lighting and audio controls integrate with Honeywell security platforms allowing you to control all aspects of the home.

With URC you can control your whole home audio system from a single remote, or app, allowing you to move seamlessly throughout your home.

Vantage Equinox


Cell Signal Boosters

NCI has partnered with Wilson Electronics and SureCall to provide customized cell repeater solutions for any size building.

Living and working in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, our surroundings are gorgeous, however cell reception isn’t always the best. A rural environment and mountainous can wreak havoc on cell reception.

Don’t worry, we can help. Cell repeaters pickup the signal which you may have outside, using a directional antenna, to repeat indoors, amplifying the signal you already have.

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