Camera Systems

Camera systems can be a great way to monitor when you are there and when you are away. NCI is a dealer for Exacq Network Video Recorders, and Speco Technologies.

Using cutting edge IP technology NCI can maximize “bang for your buck” by deploying crystal clear IP cameras into your environment. With a dynamic array of form factors and features, each installation can be customized to fit the needs of your project. NCI specializes in systems ranging from residential to commercial systems small and large. Working in educational environments we understand how clarity and ease-of-use are critical to ensure a streamlined user environment.

IP cameras can utilize your existing data network reducing costs and dedicated cables for each camera.

The Power of IP Video


What's wrong with my current system?

Have you ask yourself:

  • I wonder what happened here?
  • Why is it so hard to view recorded video?
  • How do I send this to the police?

These are all signs your current system is too hard to use. Exacq and Speco systems are engineered with simplicity in mind.

What determines video quality?

Often times older systems (and some new) will utilize analog camera signal. Analog has been around for decades, due to the age of the technology it is often less expensive to install. However, this doesn’t translate into a better system. IP video has only been in the main market place since around 2000, and can provide the same resolution as you might see on your HD flatscreen TV.

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