Access Control

NCI offers a full line of access control systems to serve one to 1000 doors.  Systems are able to open and close doors automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. You can track all access, even if someone tries to gain access where they are not authorized.

Knowing who is accessing your facility is key to your overall building security plan. NCI works to develop the most secure and user friendly solution with a range of products.

We utilize system integration in order to maximize each system’s potential. One such example is integration between the access control system and alarm systems in order to guarantee site security.

With no one size fits all solution NCI works to design and engineer a custom system made to fit your unique needs.

Vandal Resistant? No Problem.

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Who needs access control?

Most frequently you see access control in commercial environments where access is restricted. Using Keyscan or Paxton you can change users access on the fly ensuring the most secure environment.

Access control systems also have the ability to log users activity creating a log which can be accessed at a later date to perform an audit or investigation.

How does it work?

There are two main types of holders which can be installed on a door. A holder is simply a device which holds the door closed and can open on command to allow users to enter and exit. The first type is a magnetic lock, which uses a magnet with over 1 ton of strength to hold the door closed. Another type is a latch which can be installed where the door itself latches. Both of these options integrate with the access control system, so when a valid credential is scanned the door unlocks and allows the user to enter.

Can I schedule locking and unlocking?

Yes! You can define schedules for individual users or groups. Meaning you can give owners 24 hour access to doors, while employees only have access during business hours.