Fiber Optics

NCI provides all types of fiber optic services including complete fiber optic splicing, complete testing services, such as:

  • end to end
  • reel testing
  • splice loss testing
  • ORL
  • power meter/laser source testing and WDM testing,
  • connectorization and polishing,
  • emergency restoration and
  • in-service “hot cuts”

We multiple mobile splicing labs which enable us to work both ends of a fiber at the same time reducing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Neat and tidy installs, at remote locations, or in your data center


What is fiber?

Cable containing one or more optical fibers that are used to carry light. This cable varies in size depending on the number of fibers required in the cable. Fiber optics facilitates the high speed transfer of data, on of the backbones of the Internet.

Who needs fiber optic cable?

Fiber optics can establish connections between two buildings, or multiple, where high data throughput and uptime are required. Data rates across fiber can be anywhere from 100 MB to 40 GB depending on the hardware and fiber type used at each end.