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Gate Operators

Whether on your private road or development, Doorking gates provide reliability, security and accessibility.

  • Providing installation and design of new gate systems
  • Maintenance of existing systems
  • Installation of new gate controllers
  • Emergency responder entry systems

Emergency responder access through your gate is critical to maintaining a safe and secure environment. NCI utilizes a system where emergency professionals can easily open the gate to respond to your emergency.

Doorking is the NCI choice in superior entry systems with active development of new technologies you can now communicate with your gate over IP, POTS and the 4G network.

Did you know?

Providing emergency responders reliable entry through your gate is crucial to your safety. We use a standardized entry technology which allows emergency personnel quick and easy entrance in the event of an emergency.

Many gate systems are subpar and don’t accommodate emergency situations, not an NCI system.

Ready for Remote Areas