Burglar Alarms

Commercial or residential burglar alarms and monitoring. NCI can provide a full line of alarm and monitoring products.



When burglars see the NCI yard sign, they know the home is protected by one of the best in WNC . Burglars target only the most vulnerable homes, and are unlikely to challenge an NCI burglar alarm. When you buy an NCI security system you are not only buying the system, but the peace of mind associated with the NCI name.



Should a burglar choose to challenge an NCI alarm, a loud siren alerts homeowners to danger. Recognizing time is limited, the intruder will need to flee. This leaves very little time for theft of your possessions.



An NCI system protects your home when you’re away, and protects you and your family when you are at home. By deterring burglars, or sounding an alarm to alert you of their presence, the system gives you an opportunity to react without harm.



NCI’s monitored smoke detectors utilize multiple technologies. With these technologies, NCI smoke detectors can detect and alert you and the fire department to a fire in its early stages, whether you are at home or away. Early alert can save thousands in damages in your home.


Homeowner’s Insurance Certificate

After an NCI security system is installed you can save on your homeowners insurance. NCI will issue a certificate verifying you have a monitored security and fire system at your home or office. After it’s issued you can turn it into your insurance company and get a reduced rate.



NCI’s Monitoring Centers help protect the people and things you value most, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A general response for a burglar alarm signal is to make a phone call to the premise and ask for the alarm password. If there is no answer or if the person answering does not have the proper password, the police are notified. After notification to the police a phone call is made to a list of emergency phone numbers provided by you the customer for emergency notification.